For a pet lover, having to bring your four-legged family member in for surgery can be a frightening experience. You worry about whether your loved one will be well taken care of, and whether he or she will be in a lot of pain. At Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care, we are surgical experts! We strive to make each and every procedure performed in our hospital not just a success, but a stress-free and positive experience for both the pet and the owner.

Our veterinary surgeons have combined experience that spans more than 70 years and are nationally recognized for both their clinical skills and their ability to manage patient care with compassion and a personal touch. We routinely perform a wide range of surgeries using cutting edge equipment and the most up to date techniques available, all the while always adhering to the strictest standards of safety and care. Rest assured that you’ll both be in excellent hands with our surgical team!

Equally as important as our surgical skills and techniques are the safety precautions we take for each and every patient we serve. We want to make sure that when your loved one is in our care, he or she remains comfortable and pain-free while also limiting risk as much as possible. We use only the safest and most effective anesthetic products available. We use various, safe warming devices including forced warm air blankets to help prevent hypothermia while your pet is sedated.

State of the art calibrated fluid pumps are used during your pet’s procedure to deliver precise levels of medications or vital fluids. We require an intravenous catheter and fluids during all of our surgeries, because we believe this will help us to better ensure your loved one’s safety and comfort.

Finally, our experienced and highly skilled veterinary technicians and assistants will remain on hand at all times – before, during and following surgery – to closely monitor the wellbeing of your four legged friend. Along with the high-tech equipment, our surgical assistants carefully watch all vital signs to ensure that surgical patients are kept at just the right level of anesthesia…deep enough to prevent pain, but not deep enough to depress vital functions.

Once surgery is complete, your pet will begin the recovery process while still under the watchful eye of our technicians and assistants. The surgeon will remain in close contact with you and your regular family veterinarian to keep everyone abreast of your pet’s progress and to provide advice and recommendations for your companion’s after-care.

If your loved one needs surgery, there’s no need to panic. Especially if you have the dedicated team at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care in your corner!

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