Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care is proud to offer internal medicine as part of our specialty services. Internal medicine focuses on complex health issues like diabetes, endocrine conditions (like hyperthyroidism and Cushing’s disease) and many other diseases where advanced diagnostic tests and treatments are needed. CT and MRI are available, as well as endoscopy, in-house lab tests and ultrasound.

Conditions like weight loss, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiac disease, coughing, kidney and liver disease, urinary tract infections and incontinence, immune-mediated diseases and anemia can all benefit from the thorough workup and up-to-date treatment options that an internist can provide. If you think your pet might need an internal medicine appointment, please talk to your veterinarian about a referral, or call our front desk.

VSEC gives your injured or ill pet a better chance by working with your veterinarian and by having a vigilant ER team led by a veterinarian who is specialty trained in emergency and critical care.

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