• Rough Play in Cats

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    Do you have a frisky feline on your hands? Does your furball have a habit of pouncing on your toes, or biting your hand? One thing that is unique about … Read More »

  • Put the Brakes on Your Cat’s Furniture-Shredding Behavior

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    Your tabby cat Oscar has been desperately searching for an interesting hobby. Your industrious feline housemate tried birdwatching, but he quickly lost interest. Cat toys weren’t very challenging, either. Recently, … Read More »

  • How to Trick Your Cat Into Behaving

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    Kitties are amazing animals. Cats have many great qualities. They’re cute, cuddly, loyal, loving, playful, and fun to watch. These little furballs are full of personality! Obedience, however, doesn’t always … Read More »

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