Alisha Jones

Imaging Technician

To Alisha, working at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care is much more than just a job—it’s about her making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners each and every day. The feeling she gets when she knows she’s helped an animal is what keeps driving her forward!

Born in northern Indiana, Alisha started in the veterinary world 13 years ago. After initially working as a surgery technician, she found her true passion lay in radiology. She learned all she could about CT, MRI, and Fluoroscopy imaging and fell in love with it. In March of 2014, Alisha came to VSEC to continue working with Dr. Elkins, whom she’d worked with previously for 10 years.

Alisha is married to her husband Steve. Together they have a 13-year-old son, Chase, who keeps them very busy. The family has two dogs: Maddy, a pit-mix, and Guinness, a Chihuahua. Willow the cat rounds out the pets of the family.

When she’s not working, Alisha enjoys re-finishing furniture, painting, organizing, cleaning, scrapbooking, and gardening. When she isn’t doing any of these things, Alisha loves to volunteer and helps out wherever she can!

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Photo of  Alisha  Jones


Practice Manager

Bonnie was honored to be asked to join the premier team at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency upon its opening in March of 2014. She was elated to start working with some of the most talented staff and surgeons in the business! She currently serves as the Practice Manager.

Although her roots are in Canada, Bonnie grew up in Indiana. She was a huge dog lover from a young age, starting out in 4-H obedience training. In 1972, she got her first job in the veterinary profession as an assistant at an Indianapolis vet hospital, working there through college. After obtaining her Genetics degree from Purdue University, she worked in Critical Care for five years then moved into management. 42 years later, she’s still in love with the profession!

To this day, Bonnie is very involved in dog showing. She’s had the privilege of owning and breeding some of the top producing and winning dogs in breed history. She’s traveled all around the world enjoying her hobby, and even won the UK’s Crufts dog show in 2007.

Outside of the animal world, Bonnie enjoys hiking, backpacking, and wine tasting. She also likes attending fine museums and art festivals.

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Brandi Bane

Veterinary Technician

Brandi initially wanted to become a veterinarian, but realized she’d rather do the hands-on work like blood draws, placing catheters, and performing CT and MRI imaging. The Veterinary Technician position was perfect for her!

Having grown up in Texas, Brandi moved to Indiana while in high school and has stayed here ever since. She came to VSEC in May of 2014 to expand her knowledge and work with the best surgeons and staff around. She loves that every day is a new experience—she says you can never know what’s going to walk through the door, and being ready for anything at any time is a fun challenge.

At home, Brandi has two pets of her own: 13-year-old Oscar and four-year-old Teagan, a rescued miniature pinscher who loves getting into trouble.

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Photo of  Brandi  Bane

Kristy Cain

Emergency Veterinary Technician

When she was a toddler, Kristy found an injured chipmunk. She picked it up, started rocking it, and told the little creature that everything would be all right. Her passion for animal care never waned as she got older—now she’s a Registered Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency!

Kristy was born in Lebanon, Indiana and has lived in the state her whole life. She’s worked in mixed practice, at the humane society, and even part-time in the large animal department at Purdue University. At VSEC, she especially enjoys radiology work because of the attention to detail it requires.

Kristy has a daughter, starting kindergarten in 2014, who is showing her own passion for animals early on. She likes to turn the house into her very own animal hospital! The family has two dogs, Titus and Medusa.

When she isn’t at work or spending time with her daughter, Kristy can be found on the back of a horse—she’s been riding since she was five years old! She also enjoys barrel racing.

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Photo of  Kristy  Cain

Kristy Mayes

Surgical Assistant

Kristy grew up on a farm in a small Indiana town, and always had a deep love of animals. She knew, even as a small child, that she would someday work in the veterinary field!

Kristy started working at an animal hospital in 1988 as a kennel attendant. She’s taken many continuing education courses throughout the years, and had a history of working with Dr. Stauffer and Dr. Elkins. When Dr. Elkins told her that VSEC had an opening, she jumped at the opportunity to come to the brand-new clinic. She loves coming to work every day at a place that feels like home, knowing the pets are receiving the best possible care.

Kristy has been married to the love of her live since 2000. She and her husband have three boys, aged 19, 21, and 24. The family has two rescue dogs, Mikey and Summer, as well as two rescue cats named Stinky and Allie.

On the weekends, you’ll find Kristy on the water—she’s an experienced bass fisherwoman! She says that her best achievement, though, is her three children.

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Mandy Young

Client Service Representative

Mandy was inspired to work in the veterinary profession by her Newfoundland dog. Since the Newfoundland breed comes with specific health concerns, Mandy had to be very responsible for her beloved pet’s health. It ended up sparking an interest in specialty veterinary medicine, and now Mandy gets to work alongside the pros at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency!

Mandy was born and raised as an only child in Indianapolis. After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, she wanted to re-enter the workforce. She began as a part-time receptionist, then worked full-time in the office of a local florist. When she heard about at opening at VSEC, she took a leap of faith and applied. She was hired on in May of 2014.

Along with husband of 20 years, Mandy lives with her two sons, one daughter, and three dogs: a 14-year old Alaskan Malamute, a seven-year-old pug mix, and her Newfoundland.

Mandy says she loves spending time outdoors, as long as it’s not raining or humid! She also likes watching and participating in American Kennel Club dog shows. Her proudest moment came when her 20-month old female puppy took Best of Breed over several male dogs!

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Marcie Sims

Veterinary Assistant – Surgery

Marcie started in the veterinary profession when she was only 19 years old, working in a kennel and working her way up to assistant. She’d always been interested in animals and medicine, and found her niche working with veterinarians!

Marcie was born and raised in Indiana along with her sister and brother. She began at VSEC in March of 2014 after learning about the position from a former co-worker. As a surgical veterinary assistant, she loves working with the knowledgeable surgeons and helping animals that can’t be treated by just any veterinarian. The fact that no day is the same as the last keeps Marcie on her toes!

At home, Marcie lives with her two children and three dogs. When time permits, she enjoys reading, going to the gym, and taking classes. She’s also very interested in history and loves to visit historical sites whenever possible.

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Photo of  Marcie  Sims

Mariel Land

Veterinary Technician

Mariel says her profession is truly a labor of love. She looks at pets as more than just animals—they’re a part of a family! Mariel considers her own pets her children, so she loves to help someone else’s furry family member get better.

Born and raised in northern Indiana, Mariel grew up with lots of animals in her life. During high school, she took plenty of biology and zoology classes and was active in 4-H. She continued on to Purdue University to receive her Bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology with a minor in animal science. After working with Dr. Elkins and several VSEC technicians previously, Mariel joined the team upon the clinic’s opening in March of 2014.

Although she loves working with pets, of course, Mariel has a special fondness for talking with pet owners themselves. She loves to hear the origin of a pet’s name, fun stories, or answer a client’s questions. Medically, she always enjoys a good foreign body removal.

Mariel and her fiancé, Chris, own three dogs: Adelaide, Harley, and Mac. They also have a cat named Linus who holds his own with the dogs. When time permits outside of work, Mariel likes to run marathons. She does her best to run the Mudathlon 5k every summer with her older brother, which is a 3-mile course full of muddy obstacles.

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Matt Waggoner

Veterinary Technician

Matt has always been interested in healing animals, but knew he didn’t necessarily want to become a veterinarian. In high school, his agriculture teacher encouraged him to check out a Technician school in Denver. This sparked Matt’s interest in the Veterinary Technician profession, and now he works as a Tech in the diagnostic imaging department at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency!

Matt grew up on the south side of Indianapolis with his two older brothers and sister. By March of 2000, he had moved to Denver to start school at the Bel-Rea Institute of Veterinary Science and secured a job as a veterinary assistant at a large animal hospital. After graduation, Matt took a job as an emergency technician at an Indianapolis clinic, eventually becoming a supervisor after receiving his Veterinary Practice Manager certificate from the Krannert School at Purdue University. In March of 2014, Matt came to work at VSEC after hearing about the position from a former co-worker.

What Matt enjoys most about his work is being able to help veterinarians determine what is wrong with a patient by using different imaging techniques. He loves being able to see the anatomy of a pet’s body, and is always intrigued by the latest and greatest technology.

Currently, Matt lives on the south side of Indianapolis with his wife, Kim, and their four-year-old daughter Eva. The family has a dog, Lulabelle, and two cats: Maxine and Ronald Weasley. Also occupying the home is a Senegal parrot named Magick Bird and three egg-laying hens, Henrietta, Esther, and Nellie.

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Stephanie Cronin

Client Service Representative

Stephanie’s veterinary career began 11 years ago when she started working in a kennel. It wasn’t long, though, before she realized that her true passion lay in interacting with the clients and their pet companions! Now she serves as a Client Service Representative at VSEC.

Stephanie grew up on the west side of Indianapolis, right by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After working with Dr. Stauffer at another hospital for almost 11 years, she followed Dr. Stauffer here to Veterinary Specialty and emergency, where she resumed her role as Client Service Rep. She loves knowing she’s helping clients take care of their pets the right way—education is one of the most important aspects of her work!

At the moment, Stephanie is finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance at Marian University. When she’s not studying or caring for pets, she loves spending time with her children, 13-year-old Abbie and 12-year-old Nate. She also spends a lot of time with her three wonderful nieces: Maleena, Tiara, and Nova.

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Zach Stepp

Veterinary Technician

As a kid, Zach loved going to the zoo. He wanted to know everything about the animals, from where they came from to what they ate to how they communicated. His intense interest in animals persists to this day. Luckily, he gets to work with them daily as a Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency!

Zach was born and raised in Plainfield, Indiana. While attending veterinary technology school, he worked as a bartender at an Irish pub. One of his coworkers had a connection to Dr. Stauffer, and told Zach to contact him after his graduation. Zach knew working in the specialty and surgical fields under Dr. Stauffer would be a great opportunity, so he jumped at the chance! He started working with Dr. Stauffer in October of 2013, then transferred to VSEC upon its opening in 2014.

 As a tech, Zach loves scrubbing in for surgery and getting to be the surgeon’s second pair of hands. Being front and center for surgeries is his favorite part of his job! He also likes using radiology as a diagnostic tool.

Currently, Zach lives in Plainfiled with his wife, son, and stepson. They have two dogs, Dude and Bella, as well as a cat named Grace. In his spare time, Zach likes to go hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. He also enjoys bicycling and playing music.

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Annie Standiford

Physical Therapist (DPT), Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT)

Annie Standiford earned both her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from the University of Indianapolis. She has been practicing physical therapy since 2005, specializing in outpatient orthopedics and joint replacement rehab. Annie continues to see human patients at Franciscan St Francis Health in Mooresville, but her love of dogs lead her to pursue certification in canine rehab. In 2013, Annie became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 Dobermans as well as traveling all over the world.

Photo of  Annie  Standiford

Katie Ellsworth

Lead ER/ICU Technician

Katie joined our ER/ICU Team in August of 2015. She is originally from upstate New York.

She has a deep desire to help animals in any way that she can, and her favorite part of her job is when her patients leave happy and healthy. She also enjoys helping pet owners care for their pets.

Katie lives with her 2 year old mixed breed dog, Marshall.

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