Your Dog’s Grooming Needs

Does your dog have a thick, fluffy coat? Or is Fido sleek and shiny? No matter what type of fur your canine pal has, you’ll need to keep it properly groomed. Read on as a Greenwood, IN vet offers some helpful doggy grooming tips.


Ask your vet how often you should bathe your canine companion. Some dogs need frequent bathing, while others only need occasional beauty treatments. If your pet bolts when he hears the word Bath, try some desensitization training. Call Fido into the bathroom and have him get into the bathtub. Then, give him a treat, and then let him go. After a few weeks of this, your furry buddy will be mysteriously less reluctant about hopping into the tub!


Even if Fido has short fur, brushing will still benefit him by removing dust, dirt, and dead hair from his coat. The more of your pet’s fur you get with a brush, the less you’ll find on your clothes and furniture. This is also a great way to bond with your pet!


Overgrown claws can be quite problematic for our canine friends. If Fido’s claws are too long, they will become very uncomfortable. He may change his stride to compensate, which puts extra stress on his bones and joints. Be sure to keep your furry pal’s nails clipped!


The point of doggy dental care isn’t giving Fido a perfect smile: it’s to prevent problems that can cause pain, tooth loss, or other health issues. It also helps a lot with Fido’s bad breath! We recommend having your four-legged friend’s teeth checked by a vet at least once a year. In between visits, keep your pup’s mouth healthy by brushing his teeth regularly and providing him with fresh water and suitable chew toys. You can also ask your vet about using dental-formula treats and chew.


Typically, you shouldn’t have to do much for your pup’s eyes, other than remove his eye crusties. Do this by wiping the corners of his eyes with a damp cotton ball. However, if your furry friend gets tearstains, ask your vet for advice on removing them. (Tip: you may want to gently clip some of the fur around Fido’s eyes. Be sure to use blunt-end scissors.)

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